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Tickets Booking

The patient purchases plane tickets. Upon request, Decarena can arrange ticket purchase.

Meeting Services

For your convenience, a meeting service is provided at the airport.

Hotel Accommodation

On request, we can arrange your accommodation in the best hotels or apartments.

Transport Services

We offer transportation services for transfers from hotel to hospital and back.

Translation Services

You will not have any language problems since a translator will accompany you from Decarena during the entire treatment process.

Legal Support

Our professional lawyers are ready to defend your rights during the entire treatment.

Take Advantage of The Full Range of Services

Decarena is your opportunity to use the established contacts with leading medical institutions and get superior treatment support.

Global Patient Services

Receive World Class Multi-Specialty Care

Recently, more and more people are thinking about traveling to other countries for medical tourism, receiving qualified medical care, diagnostics, and the so-called second opinion - the conclusion of a foreign specialist, for comparison and confirmation of the correctness of treatment in domestic hospitals. In combination with foreign clinics' best equipment, the experience and innovative approach of doctors make it possible to overcome even the most challenging diseases. Decarena is an independent medical travel agency that helps people from different countries to receive world-class treatment.

Decarena was founded by a team of professionals working in healthcare and tourism. Our goal is always to seek our clients the most effective modern treatment methods to guarantee a high diagnostic result and success in subsequent treatment abroad.

The company's mission is to make every effort and professional skills to ensure that our clients receive medical care abroad of the highest quality without increasing the cost. And, of course, humanly, we want our clients to preserve and improve their health, return home satisfied and happy.

Your First Class Full Service

Receive superior treatment at leading medical institutions!

Nothing should stop your from moving on to a better position in life. Start by changing your health. After, you can easily accomplish great things.

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